Virtual Savannah

WINTER 2011: Due to our attendance at the finals in the national entrepreneurship competetion VentureCup, we were the morning before the finals kicked off, interviewed for regional radio and subsequently filmed and interviewed for tv as well. Our work was also featured in regional printed press and online medias, as well as reaching our university's frontpage.


DR RADIO link: Virtuel Savanne


Nordjyske Erhverv

AAU Article

BrainsBusiness ICT NORTH


SPRING 2010: Articles presenting aspects of our public evaluation and implemented prototype, were featured the following places:

FRI 11/06/10 [direct article link]

THU 10/06/10 [direct article link]

Article in Nordjyske Stiftstidende


WED 09/06/2010 featured the following places: [direct article link] [direct article link]


Local news SAT 29/05/2010 and THU 03/06/2010.

The articles describe the current work, which we have conducted in our development of the Virtual Savannah, and were also a short personal profile interview of me.

The two articles are similar in content, but depicted here as a personal reference.

Article in Randers Amtsavis

Article in Ringkjøbing Skjern Dagblad

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